Petris offers Theta software over web

The latest partner in Petris’ Winds Now! ASP service is pumping software specialist Theta Enterprises. Operators can now access RodStar and other Theta software from a web browser.

Petris Technology and Theta Enterprises are offering four new production engineering applications via the Internet. These products will be offered on a monthly subscription basis via Petris’ Winds Now! Application Services Portal (ASP). The Theta products to be supplied in ASP mode are RodStar, RodDiag, XDiag and CBalance. According to Theta, these tools are the artificial lift industry’s leading rod pumping design, optimization and analysis software tools.


Theta president John Svinos said, “Being able to run these applications from anywhere is very convenient for the user. Now anyone can analyze their rod pumping wells, redesign them to fix problems, or balance them, no matter where they are.”

Single contract

Operators can now access these engineering applications with only one contract. Petris claims that ASP helps producers reduce internal support requirements, extends the life of existing hardware and reduces capex. Petris Winds Now! can be provided via the Internet or a similar solution can be offered from within a company’s firewall.


Petris COO Pat Herbert added, “Theta’s partnership greatly enhances the solutions offered by Petris Technology to its clients. Theta Enterprises is a good complement to our growing body of software and services offered to the oil and gas industry. This specialized software will benefit those in the production engineering segment of the industry by helping them perform with greater efficiency and lower costs.” More from and

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2002 Issue # 7.

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