opsEnvironmental for Marathon

Marathon has contracted Data Systems and Solutions to deploy software from Environmental Software Providers to manage compliance and reporting throughout its upstream operations.

Marathon Oil Co. has awarded Data Systems and Solutions (DSS) division a contract to implement Environmental Software Providers’ (ESP) opsEnvironmental software. DSS, an SAIC/Rolls Royce joint venture will deploy the new software at all ten of Marathon’s worldwide business units. ops-Environmental is described as an ‘enterprise-level software suite for multi-media environmental data management.’ The software will serve complement Marathon’s SAP implementation across its E&P operations.

Something EMIS?

The software will be a component of a new global Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) encompassing Marathon’s current data and materials infrastructure. SAIC plans to produce a ‘streamlined and cohesive system of regulatory compliance data reporting tools.’ The EMIS system will cover compliance tracking and monitoring, air emissions, water discharges, waste generation, and incident tracking.


ESP VP Sales David Cox said, “The Marathon project is a great showcase for opsEnvironmental’s strong enterprise capabilities. Now Marathon environmental and corporate staff around the globe will benefit from being plugged into the same environmental data management system.”


Dan Sullenbarger, Marathon HSE VP said, “Marathon maintains a firm commitment to delivering top quartile health, safety and environmental performance within our peer group. In order to deliver on this commitment, it is necessary to have effective enterprise-wide environmental data management. The modules we have selected will streamline multimedia reporting for air, water, and waste emissions.”


Marathon EMIS team leader Bob Menzie concluded, “The tie-in with SAP will facilitate streamlined environmental management across all areas of our operations. The ability to integrate with SAP is a valuable element of the opsEnvironmental software, and will enable us to maximize the benefit of our SAP and EMIS implementation.”

ISO 14000

DSS’ Houston office will manage the implementation project, to be completed by July 2004. DSS provides predictive maintenance technologies and integrated asset management solutions to aviation, defense, energy, process industry, and transport clients. ESP’s software offers audit trails of compliance with ISO 14000 and EMAS conformance, data management and reporting and web-based access. More from www.ds-s.com and www.esp-net.com.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2002 Issue # 6.

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