New release of Geolog

A new release of Paradigm’s Geolog well data management software includes image processing from TotalFinaElf and NMR processing from Chevron.

Paradigm Geophysical Ltd. has released a new version of its Geolog well data processing and analysis software package. Geolog extends its Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) processing and interpretation, well log imaging, petrophysical analysis and electrofacies modeling.


The new NMR processing and interpretation module is the fruit of ongoing technical collaboration between Paradigm professionals and NMR experts at Chevron and other major oil companies. The new module provides NMR log processing from raw field data to final results, using proven and robust inversion options and supports the latest generation of NMR tools. Enhanced Precision Mode (EPM) and Density Magnetic Resonance Porosity (DMRP) processing options further extend the package.


The advanced Facimage electrofacies analysis tool kit is a field-proven module to enhance petrophysical and geological analysis. Consisting of a suite of routines for electrofacies analysis and core data modeling, Facimage makes the TotalFinaElf Multi-Resolution Graph-based Clustering (MRGC) algorithm available to the industry-at-large for the first time. MRGC analyzes the underlying structure of data in order to define natural data groups, free from operator bias. It provides a multi-resolution electrofacies classification, so that a final model appropriate to the scale of investigation can be selected.

Paradigm Name Service

Paradigms’ CORBA-based Paradigm Name Service locates projects across multiple servers and databases. Data servers are currently available for Landmark’s OpenWorks, GeoQuest’s GeoFrame and T-Surf’s GOCAD. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2002 Issue # 2.

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