4Sight 4sooth!

CGG is re-branding its service offering in the field of 4D time-lapse seismics with the launch of its 4Sight integrated services. Happy customers include Shell UK where 4D is becoming a ‘must.’

CGG is re-branding its services in the field of 4D/time-lapse seismic with the launch of 4Sight, an integrated offering of data processing and reservoir services. Applications of 4Sight include detection of unswept zones, enhancing reservoir characterization and optimized recovery strategy.


Jean-François Arzel, VP of CGG’s Data Processing & Reservoir services unit said “The value of 4D seismic as a critical tool for reservoir management is now recognized. 4Sight reinforces CGG’s commitment to this strategic technology by offering clients integrated 4D processing and reservoir services to meet their specific reservoir problems.”


4Sight leverages CGG’s tools for surface-consistent matching, 4D stratigraphic inversion, 4D AVO, 4D depth imaging and 4D multi-component. Its ultimate aim is to convert the seismic information into reservoir information, including pressure and saturation changes, movement of fluid contacts, mapping of flow pathways and undrained compartments.


Gérard Chambovet, CGG’s head of Geophysical Services added “4Sight is the linchpin of our 4D strategy for mature fields. Beyond our continued efforts to improve data repeatability, we are already paving the way for the instrumented oilfield.” 4Sight is available at all CGG’s major processing & reservoir centers in Paris, London, Houston, Calgary and Oslo and also at client sites.


CGG has applied its 4D technology for clients such as Enterprise Oil, Shell, BP and Kuwait Oil Co. Shell Expro MD, Malcom Brinded said of CGG’s work on the North Sea’s Gannet field “4D is rapidly becoming a ‘must’ rather than a ‘nice-to-have’.”

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2001 Issue # 6.

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