Geographics Release 2001.1

The latest release of the Discovery Suite from GeoGraphix offers more speed and functionality.

Improvements to system throughput, stability and concurrent access performance are claimed for the new release of the Discovery integrated interpretation suite from Landmark unit GeoGraphix. Tests show a two to tenfold speedup over previous versions of the software.

R 2001 . 1

The R2001.1 release includes over ninety enhancements to the system, ranging from simplified user interfaces to streamlined workflows. The new release also offers new tools for depth-domain seismic interpretation, new interactive log analysis features and improved map-making and editing.


Landmark president John Gibson said, “Over the next few years, we believe the industry will see a shift in the way that independent companies or smaller exploration groups apply geoscience technologies, one that will require easier-to-use, value-based, high-performance systems.” GeoGraphix provides integrated geophysical, geological and petrophysical software for Microsoft Windows. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2001 Issue # 12.

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