Predict V8.0 (January 2001)

Version 8 of Knowledge Systems geopressure analysis software boasts new features and an ASP offering.

Knowledge Systems, Inc. (KSI) claims improved functionality and increased user access for Version 8 of its Drillworks/Predict geopressure analysis software. The new release of offers additional hardwired shale index and volume methods, the Amoco overburden gradient method and the Bowers sonic and interval velocity methods.


Chevron has successfully used the new software, in conjunction with a regional structural and stratigraphic interpretation model, to predict pore pressure and fracture gradient for five frontier deepwater Gulf of Mexico sub-salt prospects. Actual pressures fell within the ‘most likely’ range for 4 of the 5 wells drilled.


The software is also now available over the internet on a pay per use basis. More from

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This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2001 Issue # 1.

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