PetroWeb front-end for IHS data

IHS Energy Group and PetroWEB team on internet access to new E&P hosted data center.

PetroWeb’s Autodesk-based GIS front end is to be used as an entry point to the IHS Energy data hosting center announced in last month’s PDM. The companies have signed a strategic agreement to provide “best-of-breed” Internet solutions to the petroleum industry, including application service provider (ASP) and data service provider (DSP) components. Data service provision involves the update and maintenance of data, and allows a client company to eliminate the associated expenses of managing these functions in-house.

Data hosting

IHS Energy Group will provide the databases, data hosting center and data management systems, which are built on IHS’ PIDM and IRIS21 data bases. PetroWeb, the e-commerce arm of Petroleum Exchange, will offer its Internet-browser-based map interface to deliver real-time data access to third-party commercial and internal corporate data. With PetroWeb, oil and gas companies can view, purchase, and download data from IHS Energy Group in a secure environment. Such data can be combined with internal databases using their corporate Intranet assuring integrated data delivery to the desktop.


Mike McCrory, executive VP and COO of IHS Energy Group said “PetroWeb’s strength lies in its capability to link our commercial data with the customer’s own proprietary data in a single, map-based interface.” Darcy Vaughan, president and CEO of PetroWEB added “The combined strengths of IHS Energy and PetroWEB will provide the marketplace with cost-effective solutions based on the latest technologies for accessing, managing and delivering data.”

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2000 Issue # 9.

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