Collaboration between Halliburton and Landmark has added functionality to the OpenWorks-based petrophysical suite PetroWorks.

A new release of Landmark’s petrophysical suite PetroWorks is said to bridge the gap between petrophysicists and the rest of the asset team. PetroWorks is integrated with the OpenWorks relational database and now comes in two versions Asset and Pro. Asset serves the occasional PetroWorks user while the Pro version offers advanced user-programming for processing log curve data.
The new PetroWorks is the fruit of a collaboration between Landmark and Halliburton Energy Services (HES). The Intracorporate Petrophysical Software Initiative (IPSI) project involved developers from HES, PetroWorks, OpenWorks and StratWorks. PetroWorks is based on the Y2K release of OpenWorks and is shipping now.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2000 Issue # 3.

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