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Last updated January 10. Check conference websites for latest coronavirus-related information

January 2023

LBCG Onshore Wellsite Automation 2023 (Houston) Dates 31 Jan to 01 Feb.

February 2023

AMG World Oil And Gas Automation and Technology Week 2023 (Houston) Dates 14 Feb to 15 Feb.
Ken Kennedy Institute 2023 Energy HPC Conference (Houston) Dates 28 Feb to 03 Mar.

March 2023

Customer Experience Intelligent Automation Show Middle East 2023 (Oman) Dates 08 Mar to 09 Mar.
Customer Experience Asset Integrity & Reliability Show Middle East 2023 (Oman) Dates 08 Mar to 09 Mar.

April 2023

ECN Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Conference (Houston) Dates 12 Apr to 13 Apr.
SAP/TA Cook International SAP Conference for Energy (Basel, Switzerland) Dates 18 Apr to 20 Apr.
ECN Digitalization in Oil and Gas Canada (Calgary) Dates 26 Apr to 27 Apr.

May 2023

The Geological Society Energy Geoscience Conference, EGC1 (Aberdeen, UK) Dates 16 May to 18 May.
Global Business Club 7th Go Digital Energy Conference (Amsterdam, NL) Dates 16 May to 17 May.
Intrinsic Communications Digital Oil & Gas Summit (Lisbon, Portugal) Dates 24 May to 25 May.

September 2023

ECN Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference (Houston) Dates 14 Sep to 15 Sep.