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Enabling a Sustainable Spatial Data Management Strategy Jeffrey Maskell et al.Westheimer Energy Consulting
Artificial Intelligence in Reservoir Simulation and ModelingShahab D. Mohaghegh, Ph.D.Intelligent Solutions Inc.
Automation of Oil Rig FabricationLee, OskarARL ASIA PTE LTD.
The API Number and its use - 2009 and beyondStolle, JimP2 Energy Solutions
The Impact of XBRL on the Oil and Gas IndustryCapozzoli, Ernest et al.Coles College of Business
Software viewer for real time WITSML dataSellick, WilliamRobert Gordon University
NATO coding system for ISO 8000 data quality standardBenson, PeterECCMA
CAPE-OPEN standard for process modelingGainville, MartinIFP
SEG-D on disk - a discussion paperLevin, StewartHalliburton
Lightweight web GIS for oil and gasYuan, ManDaqing Petroleum Institute
XBRL in Oil and GasCapozzoli, ErnestColes College of Business
RFID Technology in Oil and GasGupta, VibhorWipro
Graphics processing units in oil and gasOil IT JournalOil IT Journal
The evolution of software license modelsIngram, RickLicenseTracker
10 years of Data Management - from data management to managed dataMcNaughton, NeilThe Data Room/Oil IT Journal
Simulation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs with SimBestIIMohammed S. Al-JawadCollege of Engineering/University of Baghdad
Oil Industry Supply Chain Management with English Language RulesKowalski and WalkerShell Oil and Reengineering
Risk, uncertainty and investment decisions in the oil industryMacMillanUniversity of Aberdeen
What's up in XML-based text processingMcNaughtonThe Data Room
3D Modeling and Reservoir Uncertainties: A Case StudySampson at al.Elf Exploration and Production
3D PSDM: Amplitude vs. Angle AnalysisCGG/IFPCGG
3D Velocity modeling in compex trusted terrains, SE OklahomaGenovese et al.Texaco
Advanced volume visualization—new ways to explore, analyze, and interpret seismic dataBosquet et al.T-Surf
Building and E-Business Infrastructure - an executive briefingLarstan Business ReportsOFS Portal
CGG Annual Report 2001CGGCGG
CGG Company PresentationCGGCGG
Case Study - Inside Reality on Norsk Hydro's Oseberg FieldSchlumbergerSchlumberger
ChanneLinx's software increases OFS Portal e-catalog content management capabilitiesOFS PortalOFS Portal
Controlling data chaos - an integrated IM/IT approachSmith et al.Exprodat
DROPS brochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Decision PointSchlumbergerSchlumberger
E-Commerce Standards Created For Oil Industry Complex Products and ServicesPhiloOFS Portal
Exprodat General InfoExprodatExprodat
From Geographic information systems to 3D geological modelling with CAD.Zanchi et al.Milan University
High Performance Data Storage Turbocharges Seismic ProcessingLSILSI Logic Storage
Inside Reality - Collaborative WorkflowsSchlumbergerSchlumberger
Inside Reality Fact SheetSchlumbergerSchlumberger
Inside Reality Home PageSchlumbergerSchlumberger
Integrating GIS and IM systemsGareth Smith et. al.Exprodat
JACTA Links Up with Streamline Simulation For Complete Reserve Uncertainty AssessmentGringarten et al.T-Surf
Knowledge Management - What's It All About?Mark SawyersExprodat
Knowledge Management and New IT ArchitectureGibsonLandmark
LSI Logic - Customer Profile Marathon Oil UKLSILSI Logic Storage
Landmark Proven SolutionsLandmarkLandmark
Laser intensity mapping of outcrop geologyBellianUniversity of Texas
OFS Portal LLC spearheads revitalization of e-commerce in the upstream oil and gas industryOFS PortalOFS Portal
OFS Portal ensures oilfield e-commerce standards meet international needsOFS PortalOFS Portal
Oilfield e-commerce initiatives pick up pace by setting standardsOFS PortalOFS Portal
Outsourcing In House - Dedicated Processing CentersCambois et al.CGG
POSC and OFS Portal working together to link industry standardsOFS PortalOFS Portal
Preparing to Take Exploration Computing to LinuxMorse and HutchinsonAnadarko
Preserving Project Knowledge: A New Approch to Project ArchivalBruce Rodney et. al.Exprodat
Real Time Processing with GeoClusterCamboisCGG
Risk uncertainty and investment decision-making in the upstream oil and gas industryMacMillanAberdeen University
Schlumberger Information Solutions Fact SheetSchlumbergerSchlumberger
Seismic Acoustic Impedance Inversion in Reservoir Characterization Utilizing gOcadClawson et
Seismic Interpretation to ReservoirDeny et al.T-Surf
Spatially Enabling the E&P PortalJepps et al.Exprodat
Storage Technology Drives Visualization AdvancesLSILSI Logic Storage
The Enterprise Oil Global E&P Information PortalRodney et al.Exprodat
The Impact of Web Technology on E&P IMGareth SmithExprodat
The Import/Export System BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Cluster Analysis & Linear Analysis BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Cross Section BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Engineering BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Geology BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Geophysics BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Mapping BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress News & Views July 2002, Issue 9Sullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress News Letter March 2003, Issue 10Sullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress OpenSpirit Integration BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress PDS Data Loaders and Links BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress PDS-OpenWorks Link BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress PUMA BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Petrophysics BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress
Tigress Project Data Store BrochureSullivan et al.PGS Tigress

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