e x p r o d a t

Exprodat is committed to providing high quality information management consulting and software development services to the upstream oil industry.


What We Do

Exprodat is an independent data, information and knowledge management consultancy and software development company based in the UK and US. Our clients include many leading petroleum and service companies in the E&P business sector. Our staff have a unique blend of business, E&P and IT skill sets, and considerable experience in project management and E&P information management. 

Our services include:


Exprodat presents widely at many leading Data Management events. The following papers have been selected to provide an overview of Exprodat's philosophy and recent activities. Detailed abstracts and information about other papers published by Exprodat can be found on www.exprodat.com.

Preserving Project Knowledge: A New Approach to Project Archival PNEC 6th International Conference, Houston, April 2002
Spatially Enabling the E&P Portal SMi E&P Data Management Conference, London, February 2002
Integrating GIS and IM Systems ESRI Petroleum User Group, Houston, February 2001
The Enterprise Oil Global E&P Information Portal SMi E&P Data Management Conference, London, February 2001